Twisted Element exists to promote equality by celebrating diversity in a unique nightlife experience. We provide a safer space for Calgary’s historically marginalized communities by creating an environment where everyone enjoys the same universal rights. Each night we offer something different; karaoke, drag shows, dancing and billiards.


The thriving of our cities gender and sexually diverse community through collaboration and celebration. We frequently partner with community organizations for mutual benefit.

We celebrate the cultural landscape and history of our community.
Respect and dignity is at the forefront of our venue policies.

Behaviour Expectations

We do not tolerate:

  • Homophobia
  • Transphobia
  • Sexism
  • Racism
  • Ablism
  • Harassment
  • Body Shaming
  • Unwanted Touching
  • General Hatefullness

If we feel that you or your party are engaged in any of the above behaviour you will be asked to leave.

If you are exposed to any of this kind of behaviour, please let a staff member know and we will discreetly remove the offending party.

Venue Opportunities

As part of our mission to engage and grow the gender & sexually diverse community in Calgary,
we offer our space to many non-for-profit events/organizations free of charge.

Please contact our management team for more details.


Twisted Element proudly engages with community through sponsorship, fundraising, and donations. Below are some of our community engaged partners since 2017.

Twisted Element is a proud gold level sponsor of Calgary Pride.
With over $17,500 donated to Calgary Pride initiatives since 2017.

Twisted Element has sponsored our friends at CASA for over 3 years.

Twisted Element has helped raise over $5,000 for queer
identifying and allied students attending Mount Royal University.

Twisted Element has donated over $3,300 to HIV Community Link.

Twisted Element has donated over $3,000 to the chosen charities of the ISCCA.

Twisted Element supports queer sports through sponsorship of $3,000

Twisted Element is a proud sponsor of the CRGRA, with over $3,000 donated.

Twisted Element raised over $2,000 for YouthSafe during our most recent
Pride for all-ages event.

Twisted Element Partners

The official hotel of Twisted Element.

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Twisted Element’s supplier of energy.

Friends of Twisted Element